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Guided Fishing

All guides that Stirling Lodge uses are friendly, accommodating, and of course extremely good fishermen. You may be sure that any of the guides recommended by the Lodge will provide you with a memorable day on the lake. Many fishing guides handle their own reservations, but the Lodge is always happy to put you in touch with the best guides in the area.

Lunch Options

Shore Cookout
Enjoy your own freshly caught fish for lunch cooked over an open fire at one of the many guide shelters on the lake. This traditional guide meal with leave you stuffed and amazed at how such simple food can taste so good. If you can take the cholesterol this is definitely the way to go.
Guides lunch price - $8.00
Picnic Lunch
Soft drinks, your choice of sandwiches, fruit and dessert are provided ina luch basket for those who don't want to waste fishing time stopping for a shore lunch.
Guides lunch price - $6.00